ICPMF activities and events

This section includes information and announcements on past and upcoming Activities developed by ICPMF and other events of interest for the ICPMF community.
Apr 14
International course: Reaction kinetics in food science 11th edition

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Reaction Kineticsin Food Science 12-17 July 2021, 11th edition (Wageningen University, The Netherlands)The use of kinetics is necessary for many aspects of food research. Enzymatic, chemical, physical and microbial reactions in foods occur simultaneously during processing and storage, and usually it is a cascade of reactions. The food scientist needs to optimize the quality of food, and this can only be done in a quantitative way with the proper use of kinetics.
Mar 25
Call for nominations for one position of ICPMF member

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ICPMF seeks exceptional nominees with a strong track record in the field of Predictive Microbiology and Food Modelling, to serve as ICPMF board member, developing activities related to the ICPMF mission, aimed to catalyse the development of predictive modelling in foods, primarily through advancing the success and sustainability of the biennial ICPMF-conferences, and participating in the ICPMF board meetings, in accordance to the by-laws.The ICPMF member will be elected by vote for a 10...
Sep 26
ICPMF 10 conference book

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The conference book of ICPMF 10 has been published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing. The volume brings together papers detailing the latest advances in the field of predictive microbiology in foods presented at the 10th International Conference on Predictive Modelling in Food. The book can be accessed at: https://www.cambridgescholars.com/predictive-modelling-in-food
Sep 09
ICPMF Young Scientists Slack

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The ICPMF Young Scientists Slack group aims to bring the Predictive Modeller Community together, in particular students and early career scientists, by making communication easier and connecting newcomers and seniors. In the “predictive-μbio” workspace, anyone can ask questions, propose activities, courses or topics for discussion, share their research and work on their research projects. This is a platform created for you and by you, make the best of it!